Wednesday, November 28, 2007

We Love Our Designated Drivers

The Mixers who do not indulge in spirits are valued Mixers, and are not mere afterthoughts to us.

Well, actually they have been thought of after the Mixers who drink alcohol and myriad other details of the event, so technically they are afterthoughts. But the point is that they are not mere afterthoughts, or bearing the connotation of being unimportant.

In other words, we will not relegate you to an evening drinking Sam Malone Specials (club soda in a clear stubby bottle with no label). We have the technology to provide you with a variety of creations so tasty, effervescent, and picturesque that you'll make your drunk friends jealous. Beware though, sometimes a jealous drunk will lash out.

Greenwood Toddy

Hot green tea poured over lime slices and ginger syrup.

Rosewater Cocktail

Rosewater, Peach Bitters, Lemon, Simple Syrup, Egg White
shaken and strained over ice
topped with club soda
finished with a scoop of blood orange sorbet

...and other surprises!!

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