Sunday, December 23, 2007

FAQ About Le Mixeur

note - this was originally written in September in anticipation of the first Mixeur.

Since extending the original invitation to Le Mixeur, a lot of people have approached me to say, "hey Ted, that sounds incredibly awesome, I just wish I knew a little more about Mixeurs...can you help me?"

Or something along those lines.

Well, you're all in luck, oh little inquisitive ones! For here we have...

Frequently Asked Questions about, Le Mixeur

Q: What makes a Mixeur so much cooler than a party?

A: The word Mixer is defined by the American Heritage dictionary as; “An informal dance or gathering arranged to give members of a group an opportunity to get acquainted.”

Party is defined as; “A social gathering especially for pleasure or amusement.”

Note the emphasis on interaction and communality in the definition of “Mixer,” and note further the emphasis on self-absorbed, hedonistic pursuit of personal pleasure implied in the definition of “party.”

Furthermore, other definitions of the word “party” include: An established political group organized to promote and support its principles and candidates; A person or group involved in a legal proceeding as a litigant; A selected group of soldiers.

Note the consistent themes of aggression, imperialism, and domination. None of these themes are present at Le Mixeur. From a linguistic standpoint, it is clear that parties=fascism . The hosts of Le Mixeur are not down with fascism.

Other definitions of “Mixer” include: a social person (“She's outgoing and a good Mixer!”); a device that blends or Mixes substances or ingredients; a nonalcoholic beverage used in Mixed drinks; one who Mixes the audio components of a recording; a device used to combine and adjust sounds from a variety of sources in order to create a final recorded audio product.

Note here the themes of integration, inclusiveness, and community. All of these themes are present at Le Mixeur. From a linguistic standpoint, Mixers=cuddly puppies and moonbeams. The hosts of Le Mixeur are down with puppies and moonbeams.

Q: I haven’t Mixed much in the past, will I feel silly trying to Mix with Mixers who are more experienced than me?

A: While it is helpful to have some skills in Mixing, Mixers are designed for all people to feel comfortable together. Those new to Mixing have the opportunity to learn from more advanced Mixers, and also Mix with those at a similar level to themselves in a non-judging, supportive environment.

Q: What are the basic Mixing procedures?

A: The Mixing procedures vary. However, there are several common basic rules. The fundamental rule is: “thou shalt never say 'no'" when asked to Mix. This rule is partially waived during certain procedures of Le Mixeur: if you have already Mixed with the person, you may smile to each other and skip that Mixer. The reasoning is that the basic purpose of the Mixeur — to make people Mix with many new friends — has the precedence. In some Mixing procedures, Mixers may get confused and miss another Mixer. Therefore, a "lost and found" place is designated where unmatched Mixers may find each other.

Q: If a Mixer Mixes in the forest, and no one is there to Mix, does the Mixer still Mix?

A: No

Q; How much Mix could a Mixer Mix if Le Mixeur's Mixers Mixed?

A: this post is over.

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