Sunday, December 23, 2007

Glossary of Terms

Le Mixeur Glossary of Terms

Le Mixeur – this is our de facto brand name, or the name of the franchise, our company name, our corporate moniker.

Mixeur – this is the term used for any event put on by Le Mixeur. It can also refer to the person Mixing drinks at a Mixeur.

Mixers – this refers to the guests at any Mixeur. In earlier writings, Mixer was used to describe both the events and the guests. But to clarify, the events began to be called Mixeurs to distinguish them from those who Mix, the Mixers.

Mix – this can mean anything that dictionaries define as Mix. Within the context of Le Mixeur, it usually means to combine ingredients into a cocktail or to mingle and fraternize. No matter what the meaning, the word “Mix” will always be capitalized.

T. Mixeur – the stage name for Ted Munat, the central figure in the creation and implementation of Le Mixeur.

C. Mixeur – the stage name for Charles Munat, brother of T. Mixeur, creative consultant to Le Mixeur, contributor of tools and spirits, and, when needed, co-Mixeur.

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