Thursday, December 6, 2007

Indicateur de Direction

Le Mixeur Deux is at 737 N. 80th St, Seattle, WA, 98103.

80th is a main artery running east/west in the Greenwood neighborhood.

Points of Orientation:

The house is located between Linden and Fremont Ave.
Linden is one long block west of Aurora Blvd/SR99
The house is on the South side of the street, to your left as you drive away from Aurora.

What You Will See:

There are a few houses in a row with tall wood fences. Le Mixeur Deux is the middle of these, the fence noticeably more worn, faded, and sloping (Japanese would call it "wabi") than the others.
The door to the fence of Le Mixeur will be ajar enough for you to pass through, and there will be a Mixeur hanging from it that looks like this:

Once inside the sanctum, follow your instincts as to how to enter the home. The answer should readily present itself to you.

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