Sunday, December 16, 2007

Le Mixeur Deux Récapitulatif

Le mixeur Deux occurred without serious incident on Saturday, December 8, 2007. T. Mixeur employed several healing techniques in order to overcome a flu bug and rapidly create mystical drink potions for approximately 50 guests over a 4 hour period. C. Mixeur, elder brethren of T. Mixeur, wandered behind the bar to make himself a drink and ended up acting as co-conspirator for the duration of the evening's most intense hours. The demanding nature of the Mixing T. Mixeur and C. Mixeur undertook purged the remaining icky crummies from T. Mixeur's body, cemented T and C's Mixing bond, stirred up many revelations as to how to make Le Mixeur Trois more efficient and compelling, and most importantly made our honored Mixers happy and inebriated.

The Fihimafihi was once again a popular choice, and step by step instructions for how to make this drink will follow soon on this blog. Many Mixers conspired to derive enjoyment from L'amour en Fuite, an "off-menu" cocktail created by Jamie Boudreau of Vessel featuring the tantalizingly forbidden ingredient of Absinthe. An impromptu concoction featuring Schisandra berry vodka was also highly sought after. Woefully neglected were the drinks featuring Lillet and Dubonnet, which makes sense considering few of our Mixers had any reference as to what either of these are, and C. Mixeur and T. Mixeur had very little time to explain.

Above all else, the contributions of the Mixers to T. Mixeur's fund jar were of such generous nature that future Mixeurs are assured. At the very least there will be a Mixeur in April honoring the conclusion of Bastyr's winter term, and possibilities are strong that a Mixeur will visit you well before then. Momentum is galvanizing, this much we can feel in the air.

No photos? No. No photos. Where are the photos? I don't know. Do you have photos? Send us photos! Photos do not steal the soul, they simply prove that the soul existed in a certain form for one moment. This may damage the soul of those who claim the moment never existed and are then proven wrong by the photo, but such people need to endure such soul damage in order that they may learn from the mistakes and grow from the experience. So send photos so that all may benefit.

Soon To Come:

Fihimafihi From Start to Finish
FAQ about Le Mixeur
Glossary of Terms about Le Mixeur
How We Make Le Mixeur Happen

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