Monday, January 21, 2008

Annonce! Le Mixeur Trois!

Take a moment to reflect on how enjoyable this three day weekend has been. Now project forward four weeks, delight in the realization that another three day weekend awaits you, then imagine, if your heart is strong enough, that the centerpiece of that "trois week-end de jour" will be Le Mixeur Trois. Yes, Le Mixeur Trois...

In the interest of clarity, we repeat:

Le Mixeur Trois
February 16, 2008
Cocktails will be Mixed and Served
Libations for Pachamama Appreciated

In the interest of clarity, we translate:

"In the name of the President of the Bar,
A Festival of Love
for the Former Presidents."

Once again we will be featuring herbs and other sources of wellness the earth provides. Once again these will prominently include ginger, rosemary, schisandra, and various digestive bitters. New to the lexicon will be pomegranate, as T. Mixeur has procured pomegranate liqueur and made real pomegranate grenadine. We have also made several liqueurs from various ales, including Lambic Peche and Framboise. We will be brewing our own Rosemary Gin and Schisandra infused vodka, along with a Schisandra/Agave liqueur. There will be Mixeur-made ginger syrup, wine syrup, Satsuma peel liqueur, and possibly, just possibly, Mixeur-made Falernum and Orgeat. If these last two do not materialize, Fee's Brothers and Torani are just a Pike Place trip away. As always, juice used from lemons, limes, and oranges will be fresh squeezed the day of Le Mixeur.

Drink selections fall into three categories:

  • "By Popular Demand" (drinks that have been favorites at previous Mixeur events);
  • "Essential Drinks" (classic cocktails from years past and today's best that bear personal stamp of approval from Le Mixeur);
  • "In Honor of the Presidents" (cocktails that share names with former heads of state...all of which are existing drinks except for the Jimmy C, a creation of T. Mixeur and long overdue booze homage to the beloved Georgian man of peace who oversaw massive genocide in East Timor...precisely the sort of ironic contradiction Le Mixeur exists for).

Le menu (soumis de changer)...

le mixeur trois

Par demande populaire...

fihimafihi...rosemary gin, lemon, egg white, ginger syrup, wine syrup, pernod, ginger syrup, pomegranate grenadine, lemon, soda

la Madère bleue...madeira, ommegang abbey ale liqueur, lime, peach bitters, blueberries

heart to heart...pisco, rosemary gin, falernum, lime, triple sec

ravissement par schisandra...Être annoncé!

le studio rouge...pisco, lillet, pama liqueur, lemon, peach bitters

Boissons essentielles...

fog cutter...rum, gin, brandy, oj, lemon, orgeat

william holden...bourbon, ommegang abbey ale liqueur, campari, lemon

corpse reviver no.2...gin, lillet, cointreau, lemon, pastis

jack rose...applejack, lemon, pomegranate grenadine

monkey gland...gin, oj, pomegranate grenadine, pastis

cardinal cocktail...rum, lime, triple sec, orgeat, pomegranate grenadine

Dans honneur des présidents...

Roosevelt...gin, rum, lemon, pomegranate grenadine

Ulysses...brandy, cheery heering, french vermouth

Hoover...rum, italian vermouth, orange curacao

Jimmy C...gin, peach lambic liqueur, lillet, lime, peach bitters

Jackson...gin, dubonnet, orange bitters

...demandez de nos spécialités de Satan!

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