Friday, February 8, 2008

Les conducteurs désignés se réjouissent!

T. Mixeur is undergoing illness induced cleansing this past week, as the presence of infiltrate in the lungs compels one to take extra special care. Seeing as how similar circumstances preceded Le Mixeur Deux, it seems as though T. Mixeur's body is programmed to undergo such a metamorphosis prior to each Mixeur, and ensure the Mixers' cocktails are made by a Mixeur in a purified state. This is all done for you, mes Mixers, tout pour vous.

And while in this divine stage of the evolution, better to light a candle than curse the darkness. In this case, lighting a candle means creating healthy cocktails sans spiriteaux.

We at Le Mixeur love our designated drivers
And all other forms of non-indulging life.
To prove it to you, we present:

Cocktails without need of Liquor...for free...for you...for life...for instance:

Elliot Rosewater
famed millionaire, philanthropist, and Trout lover from Kurt Vonnegut novels
lemon, simple syrup, rosewater, bitters, sparkling mineral water, blood orange sorbet

Albert Goodwin
known as Ginger, coal miner and leader of Canada's first general strike in 1918
honey ginger syrup, peach bitters, club soda, lime twist

Precious Ramotswe
protagonist of Alexander McCall Smith novels, first female detective of Botswana, and promoter of the the therapeutic effects of rooibos.
blueberry rooibos syrup, organic lemonade, bitters, club soda.

Bernie Papy Jr.

Florida state representative who, in 1965, tried in vain to pass legislation that would make it a crime, punishable by $100 fine, to label a product "key lime" when the product did not actually contain key limes.
Stirrings Clarified Key Lime, grenadine, orange flower water, orange bitters, sparkling mineral water.

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