Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Le Mixeur Quatre: Change of Date

We at Le Mixeur are proud to announce that the weekend of May 2-4 will be the third installment of the New England School of Homeopathy's Eight Weekend course in Portland, Oregon.

Unfortunately, the New England School of Homeopathy has thus poached several key participants of Le Mixeur Quatre, including our DJ.

We will therefore be pushing Le Mixeur Quatre back to May 17th, at 8pm.

We will still be graced by the sounds of Tomo Nakayama and friends, hailing from the band Grand Hallway.

Some of us watched Grand Hallway's performance at the Nectar Lounge last Monday night and, well, let's just say that when the show began we were standing on the main floor, yet when it ended we discovered we had somehow come to be perched on high stools in the upper balcony. None of us recall how we got there, and no one seemed to witness our ascendence. But we all recalled a feeling of weightlessness and ethereal whimsy in the preceding period of time.

So join us, please, May 17th.

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