Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I Drank Me

There is a new magazine in the world today, which officially was born March 31st. They call it, Drink Me. They make it in a place called San Francisco. And they give it away for free.

And this nifty little magazine has one key element no other food or beverage publication has, one essential ingredient for success: they got me, suckas!

Yes, I have entered into an exclusive arrangement with Drink Me magazine, an exclusivity that will last until someone else, in a fit of drunkenness or insanity or desperation, offers to publish what I write.

The article I wrote is about female bartenders, the obstacles they've faced and the victories they've won, and features profiles of Brooke Arthur, Jennifer Colliau and Jackie Patterson. Page 23. We've even had a review of the article come in already. Here it is:

"Tres cool. I read the whole issue. Well, I stopped after (Ted's) article, which I enjoyed very much. I kept thinking of (his father) and his championing of women's rights -- except when that meant he had to cook dinner once a week. Ha Ha."

-- Mom Munat

So there you have it! Obviously the article is very good, because my mother would not lie to me. And for those of you who smirked at me when you heard what I was writing about, and insinuated it was some surreal method I had for hitting on women, I think you can clearly see now I am keeping a family legacy alive (and I cook dinner 7 nights/week, thank you very much). Apologies to this author will be accepted by email, text message, facebook message or wall post, and postal mail. No phone calls please.

If you don't have a hard copy of Drink Me's first issue, it can be viewed in .pdf form at the magazine web site. If you'd like to carry Drink Me at your place of business and you're not in the Bay Area, you can send them $20 plus S&H and they'll send you as many copies as you want. They swear as many as you want. Ask for 50 million they'll send you 50 million. I'm serious. Try it.

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