Thursday, May 21, 2009

Le Mixeur Six Invité Spécial: Brooke Arthur


Once upon a time, T.Mixeur was sitting in his own private booth in Beth's Cafe, nibbling on lard omelet, when he spotted a young woman outside, holding something between her palms, balancing herself on the top bar of a bike rack, hopping from foot to foot without problem on the thin, curved, slippery metal, as little drops of rain danced on the ground around her and her two male companions looked on, disinterested.

She eventually dropped down from her perch and walked inside, humming. She had a voice like a palette of tuned wind, and one could see now that in her hands was a Bandoneón concertina, the presence of which was further evidenced by the languid strains of an Astor Piazolla tune, which she played with both passion and precision.

In mid-song, she stopped short, back straightened, eyes straight ahead as if suddenly entranced. She turned to T.Mixeur, walked determinedly over to the edge of the corner table where he was tucked away, removed a crayon drawing of some besotted paramour that had been lanced to the wall with a single thumb tack, and asked T.Mixeur without removing her eyes from the drawing, "If you were stranded on a desert island and could have only one bartender there with you, who would that bartender be?"

T.Mixeur, without hesitation, spoke thusly: "The one they call...Brooke Arthur."

The woman placed the drawing on the table and looked at him for the first time. She smiled. It was an oracular smile, one that seemed to clearly state: "you have chosen well." She bounded off in a flush of song, off into the summer Seattle rain. T.Mixeur imagined she was headed for some imaginary Uraguay.


Yes, it is true. Brooke Arthur will be traveling from her home in San Francisco to Seattle, and will be tending bar at Le Mixeur Six. If you don't know who Brooke is, you really otter. Here, let me help you! It's fun to help friends.

Brooke currently manages the bar program at Range in San Francisco. She came to Range after bartending at Umami in SF, alongside pal, fellow Left Coast Libations contributor, and recent returnee to Seattle Erik Carlson (currently running the bar show at Moshi Moshi in Ballard, by the way). Before that, she did a whole lot of other super cool stuff in the biz. She also is the San Francisco Brand Ambassador for St. Germain elderflower liqueur (and we're hoping while she's up in Seattle she can teach the Seattle ambassador how to do his job). She was even written about by a world famous author in a magazine!

But who cares about all those links anyway? The important thing to know is that Brooke is an amazing bartender and one of my favorite people on earth, and she'll be one of yours after May 30th. In fact, I guarantee she will be or double your money back!

(editor's note: guarantees will not be honored)

Le Mixeur Six will be Saturday, May 30th, at 8pm at Mix Lounge in Seattle.

6006 12th Ave. South, Georgetown USA!

You may purchase tickets for this glorious event here.

You may learn more about this glorious event here.

You may listen to music performed by the bands of this glorious event here and here.

You may watch a short video of Brooke Arthur at work here.

You may kiss

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