Sunday, May 3, 2009

Molly Rose Présente Sa Musique ... Avec Cocktails!

The legendary crew that has brought you Le Mixeur will be serving up cocktails and wisdom on Thursday, May 28th, in collaboration with the amazing Molly Rose Band. Molly has leased a special space for the evening, the location of which is revealed only upon RSVP (though it's safe to say it is within the Seattle city limits...Ballard-esque...I actually don't know where it is yet. Guess I'd better look into that). We are privileged to enhance what will surely already be an amazing evening of music, art, and community, with an offering of fine cocktails from the upcoming Left Coast Libations. The drink menu likely will be:

  • Saffron Sandalwood Sour from Anu Apte of Vessel and Rob Roy in Seattle (Martin Millers Gin, lime, lemon, saffron syrup, angostura bitters, egg white, sandalwood powder)
  • Dragon Variation from Jon Santer of Heaven's Dog in San Francisco and of Martin Millers Gin (Martin Millers Gin, Dolin Blanc Vermouth, house made Chili Tincture)
  • Kingsbury from Eric Alperin of Varnish in Los Angeles (Campari, Licor 43, dry vermouth, lime, prosecco)
  • Whiskey Barrel Punch from Marcos Tello of The Edison in Los Angeles (bourbon, lemon, sugar, pomegranate syrup, angostura bitters, champagne).

I have always seen this whole cocktail thing as being part of a larger, far-reaching cultural movement, and it has been a strong desire of mine to bring together the music community, the art community, and the cocktail community. To that end, I've made a point to include obtuse literary references on this blog and at our events, I've teamed up with the briliant Seattle band Grand Hallway, asked Jean Lowe to bellydance at Mixeurs, and had friends fire dance and fire breathe for us.

I've also sought out partnerships with arts and music organizations in the area, hoping to partner on events that would be truly collaborative, and create a spectacle of visual and expressive arts, music, and culinary cocktails. Thus far, these efforts have been universally ignored (Jack Straw productions, I'm looking right at you now). And once again, the inescapable conclusion is that established organizations are stagnant dinosaurs, oblivious and indifferent to ideas that come from unlikely sources, and if we are to create something new and exciting, we'll do it by working with like-minded individuals and artists to build it from the ground up.

So I am very excited to have this opportunity to work with not only Molly Rose, but also Seattle band Pablo Trucker, who also will perform, as well as artists Rosemary Wagner and Esther Gorsuch, whose work will be on display. I'm grateful to Molly for inviting me to be part of this, and I hope this will be a first step in bringing these communities together, and building a vibrant, living, and ever-evolving cultural movement in Seattle.

This event will be deliciously Clandestine, so to get details, email your rsvp to , and visit the Molly Rose Band site to see the flier. Admission is $8 general, or $20 including your fill of cocktails for the night.

photo of Molly Rose by Rosemary Wagner

photo of Pablo Trucker by Rosemary Wagner

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