Monday, October 12, 2009

Reminder of the Coming Chartreusecalypse

As was chronicled previously in this space, Jackie Patterson will be at Rob Roy guest bartending this evening. She has prepared a menu of original cocktails featuring the various wonderful forms of Chartreuse. Chartreuse Brand Ambassador Todd Richman and Chartreuse President Jean Marc will also be present and showering us all with love.

(Editor's note: report of love showers are unconfirmed and mere hearsay at this point in time.)

Rob Roy is at 2332 2nd Ave (corner of 2nd and Battery). Festivities begin at 6pm. Come early and stay long.

Also, on Tuesday the 13th from 1-3pm, Vessel will host a Chartreuse luncheon. This event is open and FREE to members of the Washington State Bartenders Guild (WSBG). You may become a member of the WSBG by going to their web site. The event will feature tastings, cocktails, food, and a badger with a gun.

(Editor's note: reports of badgers with guns at the Vessel luncheon are unconfirmed, unsubstantiated, and pretty stupid.)

Vessel is located at 1312 5th Ave (between Union and University on 5th). Those who are late do not get fruit cup.

Come join us for these events, or else some of us will cry and others of us will kill you.


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