Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Le Mixeur Swig Well

There will be more to come soon on the upcoming event, Le Mixeur Sharky: 9 Stories, but right now let's delve into the event coming before that, which ended up inspiring LMS9S, a little thing I like to call...


Or, as is it's official title on the Swig Well web site - Le Mixeur: Plan Your Cocktail Party.

In case you've been living under a god damned rock, Swig Well is the drinking academy recently started up by Rob Roy owner Anu Apte, with the assistance of Ms. Hallie McGee. For the past few months they've been hosting afternoon classes at Rob Roy on such subjects as American Apple Brandy, Building Your Own Home Bar, DIY Syrups, and Bartending 101.

Now that they've got all that boring stupid shit out of the way, they're ready to have a real good time, hence Le Mixeur Swig Well!

The class will be held from 1:30pm to 2:30pm on Sunday, February 5th at Rob Roy. Yes folks, you read that right. We're competing with the Super Bowl. Why? Well, because we didn't know it was the Super Bowl that day, and we announced it for that day, and immediately tickets started selling like wild fire. Why? Because Le Mixeur Swig Well is just that awesome.

And the Super Bowl won't even start until after the class is over. Before they can start the game they first need to complete the pregame show featuring Hank Williams, Lee Greenwood and Sarah Palin singing God Bless America while strapped, crotches-forward, onto a missile as it's launched from the 50 yard line and followed by satellite video as it soars high across the sky and eventually destroys a small village in Guatemala, all to the deafening roars of the crowd, amped up beyond belief on a steady diet of watered-down beer and 5 Hour Energy.

Just kidding about that last part folks. But we will have something roughly equivalent in excitement to that at Le Mixeur Swig Well.

Despite the bum rush of ticket sales, there are still a few left (to Le Mixeur Swig Well, not to the Super Bowl). They cost $60, which includes the class plus three beautiful cocktails from past Le Mixeurs. How do you buy them? You go here and sign up. Then we hunt you down and extract the money from you. That can go easy or that can go hard. It's really all up to you, homes.

The class will cover all possible elements to planning a wide variety of amazing cocktail parties or events, from having some friends over to your place to ROCKING THE TACOMA DOME!!! Emphasized will be doing this all on a small budget, which is what I always did out of necessity. Of course, I cut costs a lot by currying favors from friends in the biz, and not everyone taking the class is likely to be as connected as I am. For this reason, I will be passing out a full list of bartenders, bar owners, brand ambassadors, and brand reps who have helped me, complete with contact information, and telling the students to be sure to harass these fine people.

(editor's note: no such list will be provided).

For a full description of the class, go here. Actually, screw that. Don't go anywhere. I'll just put it below.

Hope to see you there. In the immortal words of Mr. T, "Buy it. Or I'll kill you."


Le Mixeur | Plan Your Cocktail Party

Ted Munat | February 5th, 2012 | 1:30-2:30 | 2332 2nd Ave
Our favorite stud muffin, party-planner, Ted Munat is back and we are so excited to learn from his expertise!

This class will provide you with insight into how to create a memorable and successful cocktail party or event, from conception to clean up. It is based on the do it yourself ethic, providing you with a guide to utilizing your own personal talents and available resources to throw a party that's both unique and inexpensive.

This class will cover:

Inspiration— Determining the purpose and goals of your event. Planning thematic elements. Determining your target audience. Free events for friends vs. paid events (and planning on how to collect payment). Ways to make your event stand out from the rest, going the extra mile

Marketing—Creating, printing, and distributing your own invitations. Electronic invitations. Facebook and other social media techniques. Getting mentions in blogs and creating your own blog. How to create word of mouth buzz and a mystique to your events.

Planning—Finding a space for your event. Determining how much booze you will need and ways to procure booze. How to gather the needed tools, glassware, and equipment for your event. Acquiring the right permits. Planning music, décor, and ambiance. Planning entertainment. Seeking sponsorship. Recruiting helpers, bartenders, and building a team. The many ways to provide food. Creating a drink menu. Punch vs. cocktail/service vs. socialization.

Preparation—Organizing your shopping. Preparing housemade ingredients and juices. When and how to pre-batch cocktails. Set up techniques and timing tips. How to set up bars in unconventional spaces. The importance of being ready to go before the start time.

The Party—Bartending (if you wanna bartend). Collecting money (if you wanna collect money). Using your helpers for collecting glasses, replenishing food, making runs to the store, etc. The importance of being happy.

Clean Up—What to do that night, what to save for tomorrow. What to do when you can't wait until tomorrow. Minimizing your mess. The importance of treating yourself and your helpers to a nice breakfast the next day. Coping with post-event depression disorder.

We are so excited for this one!

$60 includes tax | 3 cocktails | tastings | surprises!

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