Monday, November 19, 2007

Le Mixeur Deux!

Le Mixeur Deux will be held at the home of Lela, Liz and Rich on December 8th. I will be setting up shop in the kitchen, which has a long serving counter separating it from the dining area that should function well for presenting guests with their drinks. This is a nice house with a large upstairs with vaulted ceilings and a wall of picture windows facing South.

The invitees are a wide range of friends and family, but the main focus of this Mixer is the mixing of Provail and Bastyr.

Provail is a nonprofit agency providing a wide array of services to individuals with disabilities, and I am an employee in their Employment Services department (this means I help people with disabilities find jobs).

Bastyr is a University of Natural Medicine that also operates a clinic of Natural Medicine, and Lela and Liz are both students in Bastyr's Naturopathic Doctoral (ND) program.

Provail and the Bastyr Clinic share a building on Stone Way in Seattle, so it seems only natural that a Mixer should be held for the purpose of getting to know each other. I have extended invitations to all of the 15 cherished members of the Provail Employment department, and Lela and Liz have so far invited over 30 of their classmates.

Also factoring into the Mix is friend Chrissy, or Maire, as she is known in County Donegal, or See See, as I like to call her, or Ms Bean as she is known when she takes to the stage. Chrissy is a staff member at Bastyr University, and just for kicks lives a few blocks from the Bastyr Clinic and Provail. Chrissy is in charge of inviting the best staffers from Bastyr.

The date of December 8th was chosen because it is the Saturday immediately following Bastyr's week of final examinations. So all in attendance should beware: the Bastyr children will be ready to unleash a semester's worth of repressed joie de vivre.

We have some very high filutin' concepts for the menu and themes for this Mixer. More will come on that soon.

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