Monday, November 19, 2007

Qu'est-ce que Le Mixeur?

Le Mixeur, or The Mixer, began as a one-time concept for myself and my cousin and roommate Maggi. Having recently become housemates, we decided we would host an evening in which acquaintances from each of our lives would be invited, with the purpose of Mixing. Simple enough. However, we Munats bear a rare strain of obsessive gene, and over the coming weeks the idea grew.

I researched and experimented with cocktails, fine liqueurs, and bartending techniques (mostly experimented on myself, displaying the dedication of a scientist injecting himself with a virus in order to cure disease). I also created invitations featuring an Alphonse Mucha print. I printed, cut, and glued dozens of these by hand.

Maggi, a professional DJ, created music playlists designed to last the evening and enhance the mood, and set up a sound system that allowed the music to be of equal volumes in each room of the house. She also planned and prepared a buffet's worth of foods.

In the weeks leading up to The Mixer I sent out some releases describing the essence and history of Mixers, using references from encyclopedia and dictionary to point out why Mixers are superior to parties, and generally do anything I could to shroud The Mixer in mystique and intrigue.

The house was rearranged, all items not essential to The Mixer were removed from sight, each room was lit with candles, a bar was set up in the Kitchen with a flickering light and burgundy lace style to it, and a fire was lit in the living room.

While the turnout was not overwhelming, there was a good amount of guests, and all present claimed to have had an excellent time, and quickly spread the word to others that future Mixers were not to be missed. Maggi and I quickly decided we would hold Mixers on a semi-regular basis.

I have since continued to research and obsess on the art of drinkmaking and concoct plans for future Mixers. I have visions of the Mixers growing into a Cabaret, in which a portion of the evening involves some sort of performance - perhaps a cellist, an A Capella singer, a small theater troupe, or a comedy routine.

As for now, plans are well under way for Le Mixeur Deux. The twist to this Mixer is that we are going mobile! Le Mixeur Deux will be held at the home of my special lady friend, Lela, just a few short blocks away from my home. More to come on this event very soon.

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