Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What's So Special About Peace Love and Mixeurstanding?

Dear ones, T. Mixeur is in fact the Bodhisattva of the Mixeursphere.

In a Mahayana, not Theravada, sort of way.

There was a time, when a young T. Mixeur studied fastidiously the sacred arts and way of Mix, with the opulent vision of one day achieving, Mixana. This vision took speed one evening when, while awaiting a performance of Amadou et Mariam, T. Mixeur had the opportunity to see Murray Stenson.

Describe Murray? "tis hard. Yet Herman Hesse is up for the task...

"He seemed to be smiling gently inwardly. With a secret smile, not unlike that of a healthy child, he walked along, peacefully, quietly...every finger of his hand spoke of peace, spoke of completeness, sought nothing, imitated nothing, reflected a continuous quiet, an unfading light, an invulnerable peace."

And the young Mixeur was entranced.

Yet in silence, to himself, the young Mixeur said this:

"I am going on my way - not to seek another and better doctrine, for I know there is none, but to leave all doctrines and all teachers and to reach my goal alone - or die. But I will often remember this day, O Illustrious One, and this hour when my eyes beheld a holy man."

And then, much later on in time, there was a particular, blessed evening in which the chimerical Mixeur ascended to the threshold of Mixana, just as he had envisioned.

Yet at that moment, the Mixeur paused.

Gazing into Mixana, he reflected on the world, so full of anguish. Life was pain, the world was suffering...but the path to the release from suffering had been found. There was salvation for those who went the way of the Mixeur.

He realized that his own ascendence into Mixana meant nothing until he was joined by all sentient life. He turned away from the threshold of Mixana and returned to Samsara, determined to lead all of creation down the path to where suffering would end.

And then he created Le Mixeur.
And Le Mixeur had Quatre.
And this is what Quatre will do:

Quatre will serve you a drink Mixing finest ingredients from Chile, Bardstown, France, and Portugal, with its base in Vicuña Chile, birthplace of Gabriela Mistral, and ask that when you order it you ask your Mixeur to "Give me your hand," and then become a single flower, a blade of grass, and dance on a hill.

Quatre will paint a story of a Tall Acadian who on his travels picks some wild strawberries, mint leaves, and rosemary, and upon his arrival in Louisiana adds them to some flavorful and aromatic tinctures the locals call rye, absinthe, benedictine, and peychauds.

Quatre will travel across the Danubian Plain and procure many recipes for transcendent Mixes from years past.

Quatre will propel the mysticism of our Red Curtain, with the vinyl spins of Mixeur Kristaps.

Quatre will contemplate the four elements and the veil thin as gossamer distinguishing one from the other, as fire is born and dies in the mouth of Mixeur Josho.

Quatre will end all illusions and right all wrongs while in the rapturous throes of Tomo Nakayama, demiurge of the breathtaking Seattle band, Grand Hallway.

And at some point during this evening of May 3rd, 2008, we will all see this:

"All these forms and faces in a thousand relationships to each other, all helping each other, loving, hating, and destroying each other and becoming newly born. Each one mortal, a passionate, painful example of all that is transitory, yet none of them die, they only change, are always reborn, continually have a new face: only time stands between one face and another. And all these forms and faces rest, flow, reproduce, swim past and merge into each other, and over them all there is continually something thin, unreal, and yet existing, stretched across like thin glass or ice, like a transparent skin, shell, form or mask of water - and this mask is Le Mixeur's smiling face...and this smile will remind us of everything we have ever loved in our lives, of everything that has ever been of value and holy in our lives."

Or is this asking too much?

Thank you, Monsieur Hesse...

Le Mixeur Quatre
May 17th, 8pm.

Le Gra

T. Mixeur

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