Saturday, August 30, 2008

Holy God In Heaven! It's Le Mixeur Cinq!!!!!!!!

Yes, we know. We said we were "hangin' em up," never doing another Mixeur again.

There is of course, a reasonable explanation why we are going back on our word.

We are dirty, filthy, stinking liars.

Don't believe us? Just read our bio:

"That these two-bit charlatans have managed to gain the ear of some of the Northwest’s most notable mixologists only speaks to the persuasiveness of their lechery. In Finnegan’s Wake, Joyce draws inspiration from the story of Osiris, who was torn apart by his brother. One can only hope the same fate befalls these brothers and the cocktail world is spared further indignities. In the mean time, we urge all to avoid these scoundrels at all possible costs."

Not enough for you? Here's what Gary Regan himself had to say about T.Mixeur:

"This guy seems like a complete bastard. Let's stay well away from him."

And so without further ado or regard for past promises, we proudly present the triumphant return of, Le Mixeur...Cinq!

This Mixeur will be streamlined to four drink options. This Mixeur will feature the DJ concoctions of Andrew, member of acclaimed Seattle band Velella Velella. This Mixeur will be held at a new and exciting location - specifically, the loft of Zane Harris (bartender at Vessel) and Anu Apte (credentials too numerous to list in this space). Why would we hold a mixeur here? In a word:

Ooh la la! C'est très fantaisiste! C'est très chic! Le Mixeur Cinq is Le Mixeur fancy! Le Mixur Cinq is Le Mixeur Legit!

You, beloved reader, you past or future Mixer, must come to see us. You will come to see us. We know this to be true, because we will submit to you images that will program your psyche to associate Le Mixeur Fancy Legit Cinq only with happy things...warm fuzzy things...bliss.

Yes. You will come.

more to come...



Anu Apte said...

Nice. Hook, line, and kitten picture sinker.

Anu Apte said...

Nice T. Hook, Line, and kitty picture sinker.

T. Mixeur said...

Anu, are cats allowed at your building or will I have to sneak in my "bucket 'o kittens?"

Anonymous said...

Is there cover for cats? Can I bring mine? Sargeant has a big appetite so I'm assuming he likes to drink, too. :)

T. Mixeur said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
T. Mixeur said...

Hey! Where was your kitty? Did he put money in the jar?