Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Drink of Cinq: Kevin Diedrich

Le Mixeur Cinq will be held on Saturday, October 4, at 8pm. The drink menu for the event is comprised of original creations of esteemed bartenders from Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Over the next week, we will be featuring a post on each of the contributors and their drink.


Kevin Diedrich showed up at the doorstep of Bourbon and Branch one dark and rainy night in San Francisco, a stranger from the wiles of who knows where, a shoulder bag of bar tools slung over one arm, and a 1000 yard stare in his eyes. Instinctively, the staff on shift that night stepped aside and yielded the bar to him, and the course of everyone's lives changed.

Bourbon and Branch, which to that point had been specializing in over-sized,
fruit infused vodka "tinis," changed their bar program that very same night, and became the Bourbon and Branch we all know and love today.

No one was ever quite sure where Kevin came from. Rumors sprung up that he'd honed his craft on the tough streets of Detroit, engaging in freestyle "battle mixes" late night in city parks or back alleys, where the loser would receive a serious beatdown from the crowd.

And then, just as soon as he'd arrived, he vanished one other dark and rainy night in San Francisco. No one is sure where he went to, but they say you might want to try Clock Bar Thursday through Monday nights. Some even say, if you head down to Bourbon and Branch and peer ever so hard into the candlelight, you can still see his spirit mixing drinks behind the bar there (and you're most likely to experience this phenomenon if you're there on a Tuesday or Wednesday...I don't pretend to understand the machinations of the supernatural).

(editor's note: pretty much everything you've just read is crap, except Kevin really does work at Clock Bar and sometimes still Bourbon and Branch, and he really is a supernatural force behind the bar)

Spiced Marmalade

2 oz gin
1 oz oj
dash of agave nectar
barspoon of orange marmalade
3-4 cloves

toast cloves lightly with a brulee torch
pound'em up
add rest of ingredients
shake and fine strain into cocktail glass
garnish with lemon twist


We added a dash of Angostura Orange Bitters when making this, and we believe it will stay. I suggested we make one with and one without, and decide which was better. But Zane astutely pointed out that the drink with bitters in it would have bitters in it, whereas the drink without bitters in it would not have bitters in it, and therefore we could assume that the drink with bitters in it would be better.

Merci à Kevin pour votre esprit et votre voie avec spiritueux!

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