Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Drink of Cinq: Andrew Bohrer

Le Mixeur Cinq will be held on Saturday, October 4, at 8pm. The drink menu for the event is comprised of original creations of esteemed bartenders from Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco. Over the next week, we will be featuring a post on each of the contributors and their drink.


Andrew est une énigme...Heard of him did I from another man named Andrew. Met him did I in some forsaken corner of the Carousel Bar in New Orleans. Would you perhaps think the Carousel Bar during Tales of the Cocktail might not be the place to maintain a low profile? If that be the case, perhaps know you not how Andrew comports himself.

Upon our return from New Orleans to Seattle, Andrew and I crossed paths again at his then place of work, 22 Doors. I bestowed upon him a gift of MP Roux. As I departed that evening, I glanced back towards the bar and witnessed him struggling to locate a shelf to house this unusually tall vessel, without success.

The following day, I received word he, like I, had departed 22 Doors, never to return. Puzzled, I queried him as to whether or not this was related to the absence of a suitable home for the Roux. He denied this to be the case, but...

Since that fateful eve, Andrew has been a drifter. The crew at Vessel is quick to claim him as one of their own, yet cannot pinpoint when he might actually tend their blessed bar. Odd missives emerged at one point from the man himself, proclaiming his occupancy of Tost Lounge, replete with intimations of flair bartending. Anonymous sources insist he is soon to be setting roots at a new classic cocktail bar on the wrong side of the lake, Bellevue.

Wherever he be, the indisputable truth is that Andrew conjures miraculous things, such as...

The Randy Baker

1 1/2 oz Martin Miller's Gin
1 1/2 oz St. Germain
1/2 a kiwi fruit
1 egg white

muddle kiwi
add ingredients and ice
shake and strain over ice into highball glass
top with champagne


Some notes: This drink, as presented, is both overly faithful and unfaithful to Andrew's vision. We list above 1 1/2 oz St. Germain, yet we have decided to serve it at Le Mixeur Cinq with a mere 1 oz. And Andrew garnishes this drink with an orange peel cut into a rose. With an expected output of 50 or more, we shan't be providing such a aesthetically pleasing accompaniment. It looks and tastes beautiful even without.

Dieu être avec vous empereur noir, Andrew!

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