Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Anniversaire heureux, Le Mixeur!!!

Yes, it was one year ago today that, on a lonely night in some dimly lit, chilly room in Seattle T.Mixeur made one last, desperate attempt to reach out to the world and grab hold of someone. The result was this blog, which like my former cat "Meat," is just the sort of ragged, moronic, flatulent type of entity to live on for many, many, many years...whether we want it to or not.

So yes, Le Mixeur - the blog - is one year old today!

It may seem as though this blog is some sort of free-wheeling, stream-of-consciousness scroll with serious difficulties on focusing on the topic at hand, which of course is....hang on I know this...oh! Cocktails. Yes, cocktails.

However, it might surprise the reader to know that when I sat down that lonely night and decided to start a blog, I composed a specific list of topics and themes that I planned to cover in the first year of existence. This was part of my 50 year plan for Le Mixeur. I would like to now, on this anniversary, present you with a copy of that list:

  • William Holden and the Mount Kenya safari Club in Nanyuki
  • TS Eliot's use of defecation themes in "The Waste Land"
  • Feast Day for Saint Basilic
  • Matisse's 139th birthday
  • Francisco Franco's 1940 victory over the Republicans
  • The Persian Sun God Mithras
  • Aymara and Queychua peoples, and their sacrificing of Llama fetuses
  • "Parties" and their contribution to fascism
  • Toulouse-Lautrec's genitals
  • Former Florida State Representative Berny Papy Jr. and his protection of the sanctity of key lime pie
  • Poetry about El Salvador by Sonia Sonchez
  • Frank O'Hara and his death by dune buggy
  • How Normal Lear stole my Uncle Chuck's stories
  • Gary Regan, LeNell Smothers, and the Marquis de Sade
  • 18th century nomadic Acadians, and their contribution to New Orleans cocktail culture
  • An original poem titled "Drunk Descending Staircase"
  • The merits of union suits
  • The Bodhisattva of the Mixeursphere
  • Herman Hesse , Siddartha, and transcendence into Mixana
  • French translations of Eddie Murphy poems
  • The farewell of Ziggy Stardust
  • Hemingway's disdain for blouse-wearing sissy boys
  • A toast of mourning for Eight Belles
  • Our aversion to cocktails that cause yeast infections
  • Hostmaster John, Johnastic Hosting, and the Johnastic Method
  • Ajeticha's survival of the Great Destroyer Appolyon, with reflections from WB Yeats
  • Walt Whitman writes of love buds
  • The Salish tribe's ritual of scrubbing themselves with blackberry bushes prior to spirit dancing, and the possible translation of this tradition to cocktail culture
  • Bainbridge Island Strawberry farmers and their time in concentration camps
  • The loudest man in the world and his move from Texas to Redmond, WA
  • Graham Greene, reality, and martyrs
  • How to make punch in a washing machine
  • Wayne Curtis getting Tiki guys to huff fusel oil
  • What the guys in Barbados do to you if you put Walnut liqueur in their rum
  • William Faulker: Sissy Boy Who'd Never Survive Tales of the Cocktail
  • How the Bionic Woman would have juiced lemons
  • Scandinavian Warlocks named Thoth and Grobbendonk
  • Senator Edwin Murray's speech: "hrmm-hm, hurra hurra hum, rim rem rom...SAZERAC!"
  • Keith Waldbauer's benzedrine binge in the Sierra del Ajusco-Chichinauhtzin
  • Duggan McDonell's peyote binge in Coahuila
  • C.Mixeur's proposed "cannonball" on Duggan at the Boca Loca pool party
  • Pink-livered sissy-boys who don't drink all my Singapore Sling mix
  • Monastic Ireland and doing simple things with perfect love
  • Pictures of fuzzy kittens sleeping together
  • Little girls from Georgia witnessing the Cascades for the first time
  • Distance of Alpha Centauri to the Earth as compared to the moon, and the foolishness of the phrase "shoot for the moon and miss and still end up among the stars.
  • Dead Moon
  • Don Quixote: Mixologist, creator of The Balm of Fierabras
  • The Scorn of Saint Germain
  • Charteuse that smells like curry
  • Kevin Diedrich's back alley battle mixes
  • Lance Mayhew's black market kidneys
  • MLK on Gandhi's bartending skills
  • Jose Gomez and his work with Cesar Chavez
  • Rummalemmotang!
  • Allen Ginsburg's advice to beginning bartenders
  • My grandfather's mini fridge
  • The word munat meaning "testicles" in Finnish
  • Being fisted by Hellboy

And upon reflection, I find that I have managed to cover all of these topics. So it's truly been a successful first year. I've even managed to occasionally introduce the topic of spirits and cocktails from time to time. And there are plans afoot to include even more spirits and cocktails in the coming year...maybe...we'll have to see. No promises.

Thanks to you all for reading, and holding out hope that one day this will all come together and make sense.



Anu Apte said...


T. Mixeur said...

Thanks Anu! Let the night of curried Chartreuse serve as memory of when we met!

Who is Felicia? said...

Happy Anniversary, Le Mixeur! Your blog is one of my favorites.
Love, Felicia
Felicia's Speakeasy

T. Mixeur said...

Hey, thanks Felicia...wait. what do you mean "one of my favorites?" Le Mixeur demands blog monogamy! Moblogomy, as they call it.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Yours is the only blog I read -- After discovering it, all other blogs were as so many putrefied hog jowls to me.

It's also nice to finally know why Duggan so often talks to me of bugs, and dark Olmec secrets as he shakes my martini. Just kidding! He stirs it.

Anonymous said...

Congrats. I can't coherently hold a project together for more than a week. Damn You Radio Waves! BTW, I understand Gandhi favored the "Fuzzy Nipple" with a so-called "maraschino".

T. Mixeur said...

That's the kind of fanaticism we like to see, Boozemonkey!

David Flood!! I can't coherently hold a project together either. Fortunately, I've been totally incoherent since I started this blog.

RumDood said...

I'm so late to the party, but congratulations on your first year!

T. Mixeur said...

Thanks Matt. Late arrivals at parties are always a good idea...aside from being fashionable, you get to laugh at all the drunks.

A. James said...

Specifically which cocktails actually cause yeast infections?