Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Le Mixeur Chaton Ralph!


Est-ce que c'est Le Mixeur Impromptu? Oui! Oui!

A few short days ago, no Le Mixeur existé. Today? Le Mixeur...Existé!

Pourquoi ? Oui, pourquoi ? C'est simple, simple et vrai...

About seven years ago, an abused kitty was thrown from a moving car, and found its way into the lap of Lela. She named the kitty Ralph and they've been inseparable ever since. Ralph is possibly the world's most affectionate, loving cat, despite having been sprayed with pellet guns all over his body by humans, and god knows what else.

Ralph now needs radioactive iodine injections in order to carry on, and Lela is a starving student. Come out, have some swell drinks, and save the life of a kitty and the heart of a young woman.

And so, just like that, we have...Le Mixeur Chaton Ralph!

Le Mixeur Chaton Ralph will be a fundraiser to help Lela pay the veterinary bills, which already exceed $1000.

Le Mixeur, a fundraiser? Collecteur de fonds? Ridicule! Le Mixeur ne fait jamais de l'argent!

Ah, 'tis indeed the case Le Mixeur never makes money. And so, we will a) rely on the generosity of our guests, and b) ask for an astronomical $5/drink instead of the usual 3. We wouldn't do it were it not for a good cause, dear ones.

Le Mixeur Chaton Ralph will mark the return of two of the original Mixeur's most popular drinks:

Fihimafihi - Rosemary infused gin, lemon, ginger syrup, egg white, and wine syrup

Lela - vodka, Pernod, grenadine, ginger syrup, lemon, club soda

As well as one other concoction as yet to be determined.

Andrew Means of Velella Velella will triumphantly return to his DJ post. Jean Lowe will once again grace the crowd with her belly dancing. We hope you all will grace us with your presence.

The date again, January 24th, 8pm, in Seattle. Send a note to tmixeur at gmail dot com for address, directions, and wise words.

Nous espérons vous voir là!


T.Mixeur has once again forgotten about Mixology Monday, hasn't he?



Anita (Married... with dinner) said...

luckily, MxMo got moved to next Mo.

alas, we'll have to miss this next Mixeur... we're roasting a whole pig the next day, and that would be too much fun in one weekend, even for bons vivants such as ourselves.

T. Mixeur said...

just bring the pig! I don't have a date!