Thursday, April 23, 2009

Le Mixeur Six...May It Always Be

Over time. T.Mixeur has come to refer to himself in the third person less frequenter. However, when T.Mixeur makes Mixeur, T.Mixeur feels like a conqueror, and to third person refer seems most in order, do you concur?

That said, it gives T.Mixeur quite a stir to announce – or pronounce, as it were - that T.Mixeur makes Mixeur, the seventh overall, but sixth official, so call it we do Le Mixeur Six.


OK, let's can the T.Mixeur and rhyming stuff and get to some brass tacks...

Le Mixeur Six will come into existence on Saturday, May 30th, at Seattle-funky event space and gallery Mix, located at 6006 S. 12th St. Starting time 8pm, closing time 2am. What to expect:

  • A menu of original cocktail creations from the upcoming book, Left Coast Libations. Each cocktail is the invention of one of the west coast's most innovative and brilliant bartenders. Drinks will be made by some of the area's best bartenders, along with one talentless slag named me.
  • Entertainment in the form of a live performance by the Molly Rose Band, who will have just released their new CD two days prior (and more on that event to come in future posts).
  • Still more entertainment in the form of a live performance by Velella Velella, a band sure to push your evening across the threshold between sublime and transcendent...particularly if you have properly prepared yourself with dance and drink at the time of their set.
  • The usual mystique, festivity, and warm loving welcome we always strive to provide.
Admission for this event will be $10, and drinks will be $5 each. We assure you, you will not find a more thrifty way to have a night that you will always remember. And what's more, your dollar will help assure that Left Coast Libations does indeed see the light of day and all the good people who helped us with the book get at least some of their expenses covered.

There you have it, the logistical information required in order to coordinate a pilgrimage to Le Mixeur Six. But now, for those of you still reading, let's express what's really going on here...

Ladies and gentlemen, two nights ago we had a universal moment of:
perception, reflection, trigger, immediate, wildest, wisest, falling...
During which jobless old men revealed their secrets:
jars, bees, love, lures, dots, moles, stars...
And all our little stones sitting alone in the moonlight:
stitching souls back together, looking over lakes, looking intense, taking notes, taking walks, sharpening sticks, honing images...
And these images spoke directly to the imagination. This is what they said...

We have spoken as you would suppose, and speech seems to us a magical virtue beyond the visible world.

We have constructed more than twenty verbs and possessed the life-giving breath of a man at prayer.

We have explained the abstract notion of time and at least as many as twenty-one genders, none relating to sex.

We have based meaning upon the visible world and expressed being in its fullness though a chorus of birds, or a tree at sunrise.

We have explained: these are wings, these are songs, these are birds...

We have dedicated our weakness, our thinking, our suffering, our singing sculptures
in order to experience the redefined every day, every second.

And you, with your back to the wall, are a cry of pain, a lyric of seduction, speaking of some wistful yearning in the ebony sky.

We are a galactic cloud so deep, “the light that shrivels a mountain.”
Together with you, every feeling sings its message.
Together with you, these songs sing nothing but significance.


Unknown said...

Well now, this looks like fun.

T. Mixeur said...

It is! It is fun!