Friday, May 22, 2009

Le Mixeur Six Preview: Jon Santer and Dragon Variation

People often approach T.Mixeur and ask about what preparations are involved in creating a Mixeur, and plea that more information be provided on this topic in this blessed blogspace.

(editor's note: no one has EVER asked him that...not even once, not even close)

So in order to appease the rabid yet affectionate clamoring of the adoring Mixer masses, we present the first in a series of word/image essays on the preparations entailed in making our Mixeurs manifest...

What Makes A Man Make Mixeur?
Partie un: ingrédients
Section A: Jon Santer et Variation de Dragon

Le Mixeur Six features two cocktails using housemade ingredients. Many other cocktail event syndicates would farm the ingredient preparation out to some peasant boys from Declanshire for half a farthing and two guineas...but not Le Mixeur. These ingredients are made personally by Team Mixeur...sometimes in solitude, sometimes with friends.

First on the list to make, given its need to steep for two weeks prior to being ready, is Thai Chili Tincture, or to make it sound more elicit, TCT. TCT is an ingredient used in, among many other drinks, the Dragon Variation. Dragon Variation is the creation of Jon Santer. Jon Santer is a bartender at Heaven's Dog in San Francisco, an Ambassador for Martin Miller's Gin, an instructor at The Beverage Academy, and one heck of a swell guy. He also is a part of Team Mixeur, having swung the heavy Martin Millers lumber our way the past two Mixeurs, slanged hundreds of drinks at said Mixeurs, and set T.Mixeur straight on some mistakes and stupid things he was doing.

So, off to the HT Oak Tree Market did T.Mixeur go. If you haven't been to the HT Oak Tree Market - or the AcheTeeOH!Tee - check it out. It's at 100th and beautiful Aurora Boulevard. If Uwajimaya is the Whole Foods of Asian groceries, Oak Tree Market is the Grocery Outlet of the same: beautiful and glorious in all its ghetto-dom. Lining the aisles are all kinds of things one could use in cocktails....from Buckwheat honey and orange blossom honey, to pomegranate molasses, to rosewater at $2 for 1o ounces, to other really weird, kind of creepy shit that there is no way to tell what it is and the staff doesn't know either.

They also have Thai Chilies, so bought some we did and brought them home and they looked like this:

And into a large canning jar did they go, and introduced they were to their newest friend J. Wray, and side by side they looked like this:

And then did J. Wray pour his nasty self all over them peppers, and together did they look like this:

Did we mention it was a pretty, rainy day in May in Seattle? It looked like this:

Thai Chili Tincture

While wearing gloves, break the top off Thai chilies, and pack them into a jar. Fill the jar with Wray and Nephew White overproof rum. Let sit for 2 weeks. Drain off liquid and reserve. Discard chilies.

HOLY CRAP!!! I forgot to wear the gloves! What's going to happen to me Jon???

The Dragon Variation is one of Jon's contributions to Left Coast Libations, so in addition to this being a preview of Le Mixeur Six, it is also what's known as a teaser for Left Coast Libations. Dig the marketing savvy. T.Mixeur est T.Mixeur Marketeur!

Dragon Variation

1 ½ ounce Martin Miller's Westbourne Strength gin
½ ounce Dolin Blanc vermouth
10 drops Thai Chili Tincture

Combine all ingredients in a frozen mixing glass and stir with large ice until chilled
Strain into a frozen cocktail glass (yield is 4 oz for proper dilution)

And there you have it. And there you will have it again, for real this time, May 30th at Le Mixeur Six. Merci Jon, merci J.Wray, merci AcheTeeOH!Tee Market!

Next and soon: Anu Apte, Saffron Syrup, the Saffron Sandalwood Sour, a dog at a bar, Zane Harris makes funny faces, and a dying man gets his hair braided. Stay tuned, pour l'amour de Dieu.

Le Mixeur Six, May 30th, 2009, 8pm, 6006 12th Ave S., Seattle
tickets may be purchased here

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