Wednesday, May 27, 2009

N'oublier pas! Molly Rose Band Exécution Musicale Clandestine!

The day is nearly upon us when Le Mixeur meets Molly Rose Band, and special things ensue.

To rsvp and learn more about the details of this event, go to Molly Rose Band's site. While you're there, indulge yourself in a treat and listen to the new songs available for download. Or if you want to skip the fun stuff just email your rsvp right now to .

To read T.Mixeur spouting off about the event, see this post. Then rush right back because we're about to have pictures and more words!

Molly Rose draws intricate landscapes of narrative poetry. Her music is as driven by the intrinsic rhythms of her words as by whatever nameless muse guides her. There's nothing conventional about her songs, but she's hardly a weirdo folksinger. She's just a lovely songwriter, and if you're ready to listen closely, you won't be disappointed.

-Kim Ruehl, Seattle Sound Magazine

In the words of our own Karla Starr, Molly Rose "lulls you into a pleasure coma" with single-string plucks and a cracked-bell voice.

-Brian J Barr, Seattle Weekly

(Molly) has got her acoustic singer/songwriter sound dialed in, strummed rhythm, string squeak, and an incredibly dynamic voice, with overtones that make a single line sound both about ready to cry and cry out. Her lyrics are a poetry of secret observations -- you have to listen closely, and she rarely sacrifices depth for a hook. More often, when it comes to the expected chorus, she modulates and the song heads off for new pastures. ... Man, we could listen to this stuff all day. We just might.


And of course, please recall that in addition to cocktails and Molly Rose, Seattle band Pablo Trucker will perform, and we will be joined by artists Rosemary Wagner and Esther Gorsuch, whose works will be on display and available for purchase. The space itself, which I was able to view recently, is a work of art, created with what must have been pain-staking care by artist David K. Chatt. It's a special space with a special feel, and it's going to be a special night.

Joining me behind the bar will be the Great Anu Apte, and though he might not realize it yet, Zane Harris. We'll be making four drinks from Left Coast Libations, including Anu's Saffron Sandalwood Sour, which suddenly seems to be sweeping the nation.

Vous verrons-nous là ? Will we see you there?


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