Thursday, August 20, 2009

Le Mixeur 737 est Le Mixeur Mémoires


Le Mixeur 737 est Le Mixeur Bye Bye

Saturday, August 29, 2009, 7:37pm

Le Mixeur Deux, Le Mixeur Trois, Le Mixeur Quatre, and Le Mixeur Chaton Ralph were all held in a special house, a house where the Mixeur Magique blossomed and pollenated and scattered its seeds.

Our host for these blessed times, LeLa Mixeur, is moving away from this home, and so we're going to christen it goodbye with one last, fading stab at glory, also known as Le Mixeur 737.

We'll do this like we used to. We will provide the cocktails, the dance floor, and the warmth. You Mixers bring your creativity and your most spirited persona and, in concert with your fellow Mixers, shape the evening as you will.

Yours truly will be behind the bar, along with trusty pal Jon Santer, and we will make drinks as if our lives depended on it, because quite frankly, they just might. Drinks will be available for the can't-be-beat price of $4 each. They will likely include:

Danubian Plain - cognac, muscat, st. germain, lemon, orange bitters, berries.

A creation of T.Mixeur's highly thought of at Le Mixeur Quatre.

Give Me Your Hand - pisco, madeira, cointreau, pomegranate liqueur.

Another popular T.Mixeur creation from Le Mixeur Quatre

Dragon Variation - martin millers gin, dolin blanc vermouth, house made thai chili tincture.

Mr. Santer's contribution to both Left Coast Libations and Le Mixeur Six.

Badminton Club
- martin millers gin, lime, mint, cucumber, simple syrup.

A classic cocktail introduced to me recently by Evan Zimmerman of Laurelhurst Market in Portland.

(Drink options subject to change, but you get the idea).

Out of respect to the privacy of the residents of our Mixeur home, I cannot publish the street address in this space. Please email t(dot)mixeur(at)gmail(dot)com for this information.

Bring your instruments, your vocal chords, your spinning and swirling limbs, your frantic hearts, and your thirst!

We long for one last chance to adore you.


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