Le Mixeur Sharky: San Francisco June 19th

With Seattle, Boston, New York City, and Portland in the books, Le Mixeur Sharky  raised over $10,000 for children with Autism in its first five weeks of existence. After a brief respite, we tackle the 800 pound gorilla of Left Coast cocktail cities, San Francisco. This time, Le Mixeur Sharky will feature a different format. Namely, instead of one site, we're going to have simultaneous events happening at several.

On the night of June 19th, from open until close, the following bars will be offering special selections of original cocktails, with all proceeds being donated to the cause:

Heaven's Dog  - 1148 Mission St. (at 7th), open 5pm to 11pm.
Hog & Rocks - 3431 19th St (at  Mission), open 5pm to midnight.
Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen - 401 Taylor (at O'Farrell), open 11:30am to midnight
The New Easy - 3255 Lakeshore Drive, Oakland, open 4:30pm to 2am.
Smuggler's Cove - 650 Gough St. (at McCallister) open 5pm to "close."
Wo Hing General Store - 584 Valencia St. (near 17th) open 5:30pm to 10pm.

This list will be updated on the blog if other bars join in. If you are a bar and you wish to join us, write me an email at t(dot)mixeur(at)gmail(dot)com, and say, "Hi, I am a bar and I want to join you!" If you are a media member and would like to cover the event, email me. If you are a liquor company and would like to sponsor, drop crates of booze at my doorstep. Or email me. If you like blueberry pancakes, feel free to email me and let me know all about it. I'm here for you regardless of the issue.

All proceeds benefit Special Place Foundation (SPF), a Bay Area sustainable urban farm community. At SPF, individuals with disabilities cultivate the crops and eat the food they grow. In the process, they learn work skills and create a community based on organic and sustainable principles. The residents at SPF live in individually owned apartments, helping to address the problem in which 80% of people with disabilities cannot find housing.
Special thanks to Erik Adkins, Kevin Diedrich, Michael Lazar, Brooke Arthur, and Trevor Easter for their help in launching this event. Bay Area, your benchmark is $4300, the amount raised by Portland. You're not going to let a sleepy little burg in the Pacific NW beat you, are you?


Anonymous said…
Portland is TOAST!
T. Mixeur said…
You're right. I'm in Portland right now and it is most definitely toast here.