Friday, March 20, 2009

Boozey Peoples Exchange Program

It's Seattle's turn to head down to the Bay Area, and to that end I will be part of a convoy down thataway beginning Saturday, March 21. The main purpose of my trip is to continue work on Left Coast Libations, both the book and the company. We will be holing up in Oakland's Flora for two full days of making cocktails, having Jenn Farrington photograph them, and then drinking them down. 50 Cocktails in all will be made and pictured, one for each bartender who contributed to the book. We expect some of our local bartender friends to stop by, peak in, and try a sip. The mysterious yet regal Lane Ford will actually be our host at Flora. We're hoping he's good at carving an ice ball, because we really want a shot of Andrew Bohrer's drink that will do it justice.

Also while down there, two of my travel partners will be guest bartending at Beretta. Robert Rowland of Oliver's Twist will be on display from 5:30 -11pm on Monday, March 23. Anu Apte of Vessel and Rob Roy will take her turn the following night, also from 5:30-11. If you're in the area please come down and say hello. They's good bartenders and better people. And Anu in particular knows some nifty tricks...

We're off tomorrow! If you're in the Bay Area, come join us for fun times. If you're not, wish us luck!

T.San Francissicuss Mixeur