Sunday, June 28, 2009

Le Mixeur Leftoveur est Le Mixeur Home

Le Mixeur Leftoveur will be held at the home of T.Mixeur, which lies somewhere among the peaceful residences of an area some would call Greenwood, and others North Ballard. For specific location, send electronic mail of inquiry to t.mixeur at gmail dot com.

Fitting might it be that the most impromptu, informal Mixeur yet should be held in the home of its creator. And full circle might have Le Mixeur come, seeing as this will be the first Mixeur to be served on home turf since the first one. Will this then be the last? One neveur knows.

Six drinks will be offeured, three in punch form and three cocktails. Four of these may look familiar to those of you who attended Le Mixeur Six. It is a Leftoveur, after all. Variety comes by way of serving Eric Alperin's "Kingsbury" punch style, and doing the same for Anu Apte's
"Saffron Sour" by removing the egg white and instead pouring on some bubblies.

And if that weren't enough dalliances into the new and unexplored, we also provide you, the Mixer, with an additional Left Coast Libations concoction, David Nelson's "Kentucky Tuxedo." And just for good measure, we serve a semi-original creation of T.Mixeur's, the "William Holden." The William Holden uses a bastardized version of Jamie Boudreau's beer liqueur, and is included here because, well, I made some beer liqueur and what the hell else am I going to do with it?



whiskey barrel

marcos tello, the edison, los angeles

bulleit bourbon, monin pomegranate syrup

lemon, angostura bitters, cava


eric alperin, varnish, los angeles

campari, noilly pratt dry vermouth

licor 43, lime, cava


anu apte, vessel and rob roy, seattle

pacific distilleries voyager gin

housemade saffron syrup

lemon, lime, angostura bitters, cava


dragon variation

jon santer, heaven's dog, san francisco

martin millers gin, dolin blanc vermouth

housemade thai chili tincture

kentucky tuxedo

david nelson, spur and tavern law, seattle

bulleit bourbon, lustau amontillado sherry

housemade lavender syrup

regan's orange bitters

william holden

ted munat, this house

bulleit bourbon, campari

boudreau's beer liqueur, lemon

We will be serving up drinks from a lovely bar I built on the back deck, made from half an old futon frame with some plywood laid over the slats, lying across two columns of milk crates and a card table. We'll ignite the world's most Wabi charcoal grill and get it greased up with some food, but also advise people to bring their own food to grill should they wish to be guaranteed food consumption. Also, in lieu of DJ or live band, we have lovingly crafted a play list of the finest Nu Yorican roots music, along with some Brazilian soul, and a little New Orleans funk as we look ahead to Tales.

Rumors abound that drinks at this event are $5. Ha! Of course not! That would be illegal! Howeveur, the point of this event is to recoup some or all of the losses we incurred at Le Mixeur Six. Yes, we reveal this sordid detail here publicly for the very first time. Le Mixeur Six, which was designed as a fund raiseur to help coveur expenses for the creation of Left Coast Libations, in particular compensating our brilliant photographeur Jenn Farrington, actually came off as a loseur of several hundred dollars. The new hope is to climb back to zero, or maybe even achieve part of the original goal of Six. And to do that, we'd guess a contribution in the neighborhood of $5 per drink oughta suffice...We're just sayin'.

So to recap: Le Mixeur Leftoveur, July 2, 6pm. À la maison de T.Mixeur. Email for directions.

Punch. Cocktails. BBQ. Music. Frivolity. Gaiety. Chicaneury. Etc.

That all settled, let's peruse the Le Mixeur Leftoveur gallery, shall we?

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Le Mixeur Leftoveur

T.Mixeur est une personne qui se prépare! Préparation excessive!! Très très excessif!!!

And therefore there is enough liquor leftover to have a whole new Mixeur, and so shall we do so, on Thursday, July 2, somewhere in Seattle. There are currently three potential spots for this little soiree, and the winner is to be determined in the coming days. Suffice to say, Le Mixeur Leftoveur:

Le Mixeur Leftoveur, like Le Mixeur Six, will be an effort to raise funds for and awareness of Left Coast Libations, the volume of cocktail recipes and heralder of bartenders currently in the works and soon to be released. It will also act as a final gathering and send-off for the many of us heading to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail the following week. There will also, hopefully, be other things to celebrate. And it also will be an opporunity for me to raise a glass and share a toast with friends and fellow Mixeurs in memory of Munat family patriarch Charles Elliot Munat, who passed away June 6th.

Details and locations will be provided soon in this space and on your block and bar stool. Stay tuned...